Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module

Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone!

Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module that I have prepared is based on my knowledge and reference books. Hopefully, it can help  students to understand and be master in Additional Mathematics.

I found that this module is frequently downloaded by form 4 students I guess as additional mathematics is something new for them.

Unfortunately, there are some information missing in this module like shaded part and others, so the information missing have to be added manually.Those who would like to use this module for reference, they may download it.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my beloved and respected Additional Mathematics teacher , Sir Abdul Halim Bin Othman. He is the one who inspired me to come out with this module. Syukran jazilan ya ustaz habibi ! Thanks a zillion , sir !

Chapter 1- Functions
Chapter 2- Quadratic Equations
Chapter 3- Quadratic Functions
Chapter 4- Simultaneous Equations
Chapter 5- Indices and Logarithms
Chapter 6- Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 7- Statistics
Chapter 8- Circular Measure
Chapter 9- Differentiation
Chapter 10- Solution of Triangles
Chapter 11- Index Number
Answer Sheet :  [Mirror 1]  [Mirror 2]

Form 5 : Chapter 9 – Motion Along A Straight Line


Attention! If you have any questions/inquires regarding this subject, please do not hesitate to contact me:

1) FacebookAhmad Kamil(Ibnu Sulaiman)
2) Email - /
3) Mobile phone – 013-4624849





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205 Responses to “Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module”

  1. Thanks bagi ilmu….moge diberkati Allah SWT

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  5. saya mintak izin ambil modul ni yer utk ulang kaji
    terima kasih:)

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  8. admin. sy copy erk. nk buat rujukan tuk students sy.

  9. syazwina iwani Says:

    tengs a lot to the owner :)

  10. wsalam. sila2.

  11. Nor Alia Says:

    Asalamualaikum ! Minta izin untuk download module2 add math ni ya???? Terima Kasih ^,^

  12. Okay.welcome (:
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  13. syer dah download chap 1 n 2 module fom 4. tq. :D

  14. tengs bebanyak utk jawapannyer.. akhi mmg bijak giler add math pdhal ia sub kritikal sgtt..huhhuh bleh gne buad exam nanti. :)

  15. Kena jadikan semua in base 2 n 3, then group them in one side(kiri base 2, kanan base 3). Simplify. Then dapat prove as prompted.
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  16. mcm mne nk buat soalan ni? Given equation (2^2x+1) x (3^x-1) = (8^x) x (3^2x). Show that 6^x = 2/.. dh mcm2 cara guna.. x dpt. factorise pon dh buat tpi x dpt.. slalu dpt 6=6^x.. tlg tnjukkan jln nye..

  17. Wsalam. Welcome.

    1. Guna b square – 4ac 8/5

    2. Guna b square > or equal to zero. Akan dapat jawapan nanti -ve infinity sampai positive infinity untuk range m.

  18. SaLam ya aKhi Kamil.Tenx for the notes. Bantu sy utk soalan ni b0leh kann?hihi :D

    1) Show that quadratic equation :
    (9k – 8)x square – 6kx + k + 2 =0 has no roots which are different if k < 8 over 5.

    2) Show that the roots of quadratic equation :
    x square + (1 – m)x – m =0 are real roots for all values of m.

    #SORRY IF BANYAK SGT SOALAN. however tengs again sir Kamil.

  19. welcome. hopefully so :)

  20. tq for this module…hope this can help me in teaching process

  21. macam mana nak faham dan fasih dalam add math. .mylia blurr lah dalam add math ni, nak nangis pun ada time belajar add math ni. .

  22. Sila2 :)
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  23. nicholas K Says:

    mohon izin untuk guna module ni..TQ so much.

  24. erk thanks~

  25. Ada. Tengok bawah chapter 11 ada “answer sheet”

  26. askom…sy iera … dri penang ..
    sy nk tnya ,, module yg saudara wat nie , x dak ker jawapan nyer untk latihan nyer ….
    bleh x tolong upload jawapan nyer … please !!!!!

  27. Can you do for Additional Mathematics Form 5 Module also?? Thank you….

  28. assalamualaikum. we still learn addmath in English :D . it was fuunnn (Y)

  29. jgn marah laa bro cool down laaa

  30. luqman Says:

    tq so much….hrap nie dpat membantu untuk exam…. ;)

  31. best bro add math in malay…..may be i can scor A+ in SPM….

  32. farhalina Says:

    akum..ley saya tao x fb cikgu halim othman???

  33. may be i will past my add maths

  34. may be i think i will get a in spm wit tis tip and also exercise

  35. sharonng Says:

    thank you for providing these modules! it really is helpful :)

  36. Thanks a zillion to everyone for the comments given. May this module benefit all of you.

    May Allah ‘Azza Wa Jalla keep blessing us. :)

  37. ya…boleh tak buat nota yang fun and more easy to remember n understand…(:

  38. thnks coz prepare this module it’s mean a lot..but a addmath still the dizzyest subject ever…….

  39. saya harap anda dapat menghalalkan nota anda yang saya guna..semoga kita dpat mendidik anak bangsa dengan lebih hebat..nota nada best n hebat…

  40. Emmanuel Says:

    harap2 modul ni dpt bntu sya. especially for LOG and INDICES. thanks for creating this kind of blog.

  41. Raja Liza Says:

    Assalamualaikum…..dah 3 tahun pon….saye baru form 4.Mintak copy ye.Trima kasih!

  42. Terima Kasih kepada Admin berguna sangat module ni :)

  43. Qayyum Aris Says:

    Gracias , me gusta :)

  44. thanks 2 u…

  45. The best…

  46. Terima kasih owner :)

  47. filmy online z megavideo…

    […]Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module « AHMAD KAMIL – THE ORDINARY GUY[…]…

  48. huh mmg ssah btul la add math ny…

  49. Adobe Reader, semua file ni dalam format PDF.

  50. nak open moduletu nak guna progam ape?

  51. Fahmie haiqal Says:

    haiya susah sangat add math too..hahahaha…tapi aku belajar dan tak putus asa untuk mengulangkaji add math…..BTW,tolong doakan aku supaya SPM aku dapat semua A…..

  52. Thank you.This helped a lot ;)

  53. Thanks a lot for sharing . Doakan saya A+ for AddMath SPM .

  54. thanks so may help me in +maths..i willl love +maths soon!!~

  55. semoga kita dipermudahkan urusan oleh Yang Maha Berkuasa atas segalanya :)

  56. Minx 2 dpat blajar add math nie.

  57. kami punya guna Malay dh skarang .! ssh nak paham btw thanx tutor .

  58. thnx ! mntak2 lahh apa yg dh d kongsi kn nie dpt mmbntu sye !! hehehe . . . . :)

  59. kelas sains pun ada add maths. dua2 add maths yang sama. tak ada beza. Add maths tak susah kalau kita ada background good understanding concepts of mathematics. Kalau tak ok pun, boleh terus gigih lagi untuk improve, asalkan mindset betul dan niat ikhlas kerana Allah. :)

  60. awak , hmm sy bru msuk form 4 then ckgu ttp kn klas msuk klas account , n klau klas account ad add math , rmai yg ckp add math ssh , mcm mne eak ? btol ke ssh ? ptot ke sy msuk klas account ?

  61. begune giler lah ! tq !

  62. banyak pilihan dalam menempuh pendidikan…

    […]Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module « AHMAD KAMIL – THE ORDINARY GUY[…]…

  63. thnxx 4 the note given :)

  64. mrs.holmes & wan : Welcome.. sama2… ‘afwan :)

    izzati halim: w’salam. mcm mana nak solve? maksud nak solve tu apa ye? kalau nak cari min n max point, nak express in form of a(x-p)2 + k, (k, p) is min/max point, kalau lebih atau kurang daripada 1, dua2 mesti factorize supaya nilai a tu jadi 1. kalau nilai a ialah 2, so factor out 2, kalau a ialah -3, so factor out -3. then proceed with completing the square method as u have learned.

  65. mrs.holmes Says:


  66. terima kasih ya~ nk wat rujukan..

  67. salam..,.klau quadratics function yang nilai a nya besar dari 1
    dan nilai a bersimbol negative cthnya – 2,3, macam mana nak solve? tlg beri keterangan, saya keliru terima kasih.

  68. sama-sama. Semoga ia bermanfaat :)

  69. miss smile Says:

    tq saudara ,sye nak download modul awak..wat presentation kt lam kelas ,since kesuntukan masa,byk sem..halal kan eh..tq so much your modul will help our group presentation..

  70. Thanks sir for this module

  71. math ebooks…

    […]Additional Mathematics Form 4 Module « AHMAD KAMIL – THE ORDINARY GUY[…]…

  72. khadijah ismail Says:

    yg form 5 ada x??it was hard to find in the internet…it was 4 my revision..

  73. tyqa theodore Says:

    tq least saia dpt wat rujukan tok final exam next week..
    hope berhsil lulus ..wloupon x pnah ggal ..
    tpi tkot kli nie ggal..
    wish me gud luck k..

  74. Aslanrathy : welcome. maaf, tak ada page FB. cuma ada official group blog ini:

    Nur Syairah : Maaf, tak ada modul form 5.

  75. Aslanrathy Says:

    ade page kat FB tak ~

  76. Aslanrathy Says:

    thanks sir ! :D

  77. modul untuk form 5 ade x??

  78. helped me tons! thanks admin! really hope that you can make form 5 modules too :) again, thanks!

  79. Santhia Ravichandran Says:

    This is really a useful module and it helps my understandings for every add maths’ chapters.thank you :)

  80. Thanks for the responses given. I have no idea to come out with modules for other subjects for the time being because of lack of time. InshaAllah, I will consider it during my 4 months vacation next year before pursuing my bachelor studies.

  81. nice one..really helps.. perhaps more for dfrnet subjects and tingkatans.. gr8 effort bro!

  82. memang bergune modul2 niE.. thanks kpd spe yg buat ni.. i’ll appreciate..

  83. walaupun skg ni dah 2011,tp model ni ttp bleh diguna kan . PERFECT !

  84. nvm.. its okay.. :)

  85. can you tell me how to get smart in logarithm ?
    i don’t understand it….ples :)

  86. formula smua
    bab .mls nk cek

  87. Sorry. I don’t have form 5 module.

  88. it hard 4 me to understand it ,,:)

  89. did u have form 5 module?

  90. Anyone who are having questions to be solved, you may kindly contact me by:
    1) facebook – Ahmad Kamil (Ibnu Sulaiman)
    2) e-mail
    3) my phone number 013-4624849

  91. baguss ,, thumbss up

  92. @mohd Afiq: Soalan anta tu kena bagi jelas sikit la. 9x tu bahagi 81 macam tu je ke?

    @Pavithran: Harap maaf. saya tak ada buat semua tajuk form 5. boleh cuba cari di laman web lain.

  93. Kalau ade sesiapa yang memerlukan sample kerja projek matematik tambahan 2011, layari

  94. Pavithran Says:

    bolehkah saye dapat semua chapter dalam form 5 add maths

  95. erm kalau soalan nie nak slesaikan cmne ek….3kuasa2x-4=9x/81

  96. wow smakin paham …….hehe

  97. nik hana Says:

    tutorial math form 4 x de ke ??

  98. tolong 9^x(2^2x)=6
    fizik xley ajar ke?

  99. dyrahae Says:

    abg kamil nie sllunya dpt brpa markah utk sub xmath??? hehehehehe…..saje je nk taw…harap abg sudi bg taw la…huhu.,

  100. fizik x ley ke

  101. hah. berguru? macam le saya ni pandai sangat ke pakar. huhu..

  102. fyie_95 Says:

    assalam,,.abg kamil…sy bdk baru kt sini…sy nk berguru dgn abg kamil..boleh kn,?

  103. x(x+4)=32(4+x) (expand bracket)

    x2 + 4x = 128 + 32x ( move all “x” and numbers to left side and make it equal to zero)

    x2 + 4x – 32x – 128 = 0
    x2 – 28x – 128 = 0
    (x + 4)(x – 32) = 0
    x + 4 = 0 , x – 32 = 0
    x = -4 , x= 32

  104. Revathi Says:

    Solve the qudratic equation x(x+4)=32(4+x)

  105. Revathi Says:

    g(h)=3(h)-8over h =2 ……………………………..terima kasih cikgu

  106. nurfarisa Says:

    hye….i need ur help for addmath this year….how can i get new silibus for spm 2011???…..hope u will hellp me…i really2 need it….tq very much..

  107. Alif Guntro Says:

    what up u all…i from England….i faham what u all cakap,..add math..mean:matematik penambahan masalah

  108. Intellika Says:

    thanks for ur i understand better…

  109. Nota sendiri di samping dari buku nota tuisyen dan sedikit rujukan buku teks.

  110. SYAZWANI Says:

    nota semuanya dari mana ? sekolah ? cikgu ? sendiri ? atau buku rujukan ?

  111. SYAZWANI Says:

    thanks for the notes :)

  112. f(x)=4x-1

    First of all, we have to find the function g.

    f[x] = 4[x] – 1
    f[g(x)] = 4[g(x)] – 1

    Given fg(x) = 5x, hence

    4g(x) – 1 = 5x
    4g(x) = 5x + 1
    g(x) = 5x + 1 over 4

    Then, find gf(x)

    g[f(x)] = g(4x -1)
    = 5(4x -1 ) + 1 over 4
    = 20x – 5 + 1 over 4
    = 20x – 4 over 4
    = 5x – 1

    Given gf(x)=9, hence

    5x – 1 = 9
    5x = 10
    x = 2

    Do you understand?

  113. Intellika Says:

    hello, can u pls help me to solve this:
    given that the function f(x)=4x-1 and fg(x)=5x,find the value of x when gf(x)=9

  114. I tried to open the answer sheet download link and it was successful.
    Anyway, I have provided two mirrors to download it.
    If you still unable to download it, there is something wrong with your internet connection or your computer.

  115. salam. the answer sheet is broken. can’t download. thank you kamil!

  116. Harap maaf. Saya x buat modul bagi form 5.
    Namun, ada sahabat saya yang dalam usaha buat modul form 5 tu kalau x silap.
    jadi tunggu ye.

  117. harap ade yg utntuk f0m 5 punyew……
    sy ni minat nan add mth…..
    lagi p0n tw0n ni sy spm…. :)

  118. Wa’alaikumussalam…
    oh..sama2. ke? hehe..

  119. Assalamualaikum… nota yang penuh dengan penerangan.. Kesemuanya sudah saya downloadkan… Terimakasih di atas usaha saudara menyediakan nota yang cukup lengkap ini.. Cikgu Abdul Halim bin Othman juga merupakan guru add maths saya sewaktu f.5 di SMDSA arau, tahun 1984… Jasanya tetap dikenang sepanjang masa…

  120. Shukur: welcome!!
    Panglima Melaka: Dulu mmg plan nak buat. tapi dah PPSMI akan dimansuhkan, jadi rasa malas arh nak buat. hehehe…

  121. harap de notes untuk form 5…… :)

  122. best la n0tes ni..thx…XD

  123. shahirah Says:

    eh bkn yg brlainan tp mggunakan email yg sma sbb shaz 2 kakak sy…sori ye kalu ada pape mslah yg brlaku

  124. nabila amira Says:

    yay!!at last abg sudi gak jd mentor saya..huhuhu
    lepas nh boleh lah abg kamil bantu saya..heehee:)
    exam add math saya ari uh, trok sgt…
    lebih krg 5 soalan saya tak jawab..
    kami belajar 3 chapter dlm 3 weeks…
    sbb tu de yg tak dpt catch up..
    saya nk add fb abg. boleh tak??!
    jgn lupe approve tau..

  125. SHAZ & Shahirah ni orang yg sama ye?

    nabila: haha..apa2 je la. nak jadi mentor pun jadi jelah. hu2..

  126. SLM,bang… minat sangat addmath……sampai org nk belajar dgn sy…..kalu sy tak fhm blh sy tanya abang…….:)

  127. shahirah Says:

    f(x) = 5x+4
    g(x) = ax+b

    g(1) = a + b , g(-1) = -a + b

    f[g(-1)] = f(-a+b)
    = 5(-a+b) + 4
    fg(-1) = -5a + 5b + 4

    Given fg(-1) = -1,
    -5a + 5b +4 = -1
    -5a + 5b= -5 —————1

    f[g(1)] = f(a +b)
    = 5(a + b) +4
    fg(1) = 5a + 5b + 4

    Given fg(1) = 39,
    5a + 5b + 4 = 39
    5a + 5b = 35 —————2

    1 + 2,
    10b = 30
    b = 3

    Sub b=3 into 2,
    5a + 5(3) = 20
    a = 4

  128. Nabila Amira Says:

    pe yang tak layak nye..abg kn pandai..
    it is given f:x=5x+4 and g:x=ax+b. find the values of a and b if
    fg(-1)=-1 and fg(1)=39..
    method dia yang subtitute uh en??tapi saya tak dapat…
    jawapan nye a=4,b=3

  129. huhh..jadi mentor? Rasa mcm x layak je. hehehe… anyway, boleh je panggil saya akhi kamil..klau x suka arab pggil la abg kamil. hu3..

  130. nabila amira Says:

    umur saya 16 thn..saya merupakan pelajar program permata pintar..dalam program ini, kami perlu berusaha sendiri..insruktor hanya mengajar asas sahaja..boleh tak awak jadi mentor saya??saya perlu panggil awak pe??

  131. h(x)= ax + b , h sqaure x = hh(x)

    h[h(x)] = h(ax + b)
    = a(ax + b) + b
    = a2x + ab + b ————— 1

    given that hh(x) = 25x – 12 ————– 2

    Compare 1 and 2,
    a2 = 25
    a= 5, -5

    5b+b = -12 -5b+b = -12
    b= -2 b= 3

    klau dia x britahu condition a tu must greater than zero or vise versa, tu la jawapannya.

  132. nabila amira Says:

    h:x=ax+b, where a and b are constant
    h square:x=25x-12
    camne plak nk cri erk?

  133. shahirah Says:

    btul r 2 equation 2.. ye srh cri nilai x yang dipetakan kpd dirinya sndiri..

  134. equation yg bg tu btul ka? f(x)= (x+15)/(x+3) ke x + 15/x+3

    dia minta cari nilai x or lain kata domain/object yg maps onto itself or codomain/image tu sama dgn object. tu yg tulis f(x)=x.

  135. shahirah Says:

    maaf yer.. tapi naper jwpn yg diberi tak samer dngan jwpn dlm bku..-x=9/7
    sy cme tak fhm solan tu nk ap..

  136. Kpd liza, harap maaf x ada nota form 5 melainkan chapter 9 sahaja.

  137. A domain maps to itself means f(x)=x,
    x +15/ x+ 3 = x
    x + 15 = x2 + 3x
    x2 + 2x – 15 = 0
    (x + 5)(x – 3) =0
    x = -5 , x = 3

  138. shahirah Says:

    given the function f(x)=x+15/x+3, x xsma dgn -3..find the value of x in which it maps to it self

  139. tak ada nota form 5 ke?

  140. w’slm. ambil je. x perlu minta izin pun. hehe. welcome!

  141. Salam,
    akak amek notes awk tau..reference tuk aja tusyen, thnks ye

  142. contoh soalan? kalau nak contoh soalan tu, boleh la search dalam google ke yahoo ke. hehe..

  143. nak tanye…ade contoh2 soalan tak?

  144. salam… thnx
    may Allah bless..
    doakan fatinsyaz 4 SPM 2011

  145. Ainnur: Welcome my brilliant buddy! hopefully it help u in order to be master in add maths.

  146. sy minat dlm math…..

  147. ainnur assyeilla Says:

    thanx for the module..
    its really help me..

  148. Bila nampak soalan mcm ni, automatically kita kena tahu ni soalan melibatkan ‘comparison method’.

    Dia bagi f, g and fg.

    First of all, we find fg from f and g given,

    fg(x)= f(nx + 1)
    = 4(nx + 1) + m
    = 4nx + m + 4

    It is given that fg(x)= 8x + 7

    So compare both of them,

    4n = 8 and m + 4 = 7
    n = 2 , m = 3

  149. given f:x- 4x + m, g :x – nx + 1 and fg:x-8x + 7. find the value of m and n.. camner nk wak ek??

  150. Wa’alaikumussalam,cikgu.

    Pertama,saya bukan cikgu sebenarnya. saya masih pelajar di pusat asasi UIAM tahun pertama.

    Kedua, mmg modul addmaths ni amat dialu2kan utk semua org download & share dgn org lain. x perlu minta izin apa2 pun.

    Ketiga, saya cuma gunakan Microsoft Words utk wt modul ni. cuma kena guna formula2 tertentu utk create equation & simbol2 maths tertentu.

  151. mansor abdullah Says:

    assalamualaikum cikgu,
    boleh cikgu bagi tahu saya apa software atau apa saja untuk membuat nota, module atau soalan matematik.saya tidaka ada pendidikan yang formal dalam matematik. saya hanya `explore the mathematical world` kemudian saya mula mengajar. sekian . wassalam

  152. mansor abdullah Says:

    assalamualaikum cikgu. saya adalah guru tuisyen dan saya akan mengendalikan bengkel matematik . saya ada download nota cikgu, saya minta izin untuk gunakan dalam pengajaran saya jika diizinkan. wassalam.

  153. Teruskan berusaha saudari shahirah.
    banyakkan berdoa ye =)

  154. sy mint addmath.. tp krg fhm cm ner nk cri funtion.. sy lmh dlm function..

  155. w’salam…harap maaf ye. sbb link utk chapter 11 tu terletak utk answer sheet. bleh try download lg skali.

  156. Kpd hafizi:

    f squared (x)
    =4(4x+5) +5
    =16x + 25

    hence, f square (1/2) = 16(1/2) + 25
    = 33

    Kalau dia suruh cari terus f squared (1/2) , boleh buat mcm ni.
    = f[f(1/2)]
    = f( 4(1/2) +5]
    = f(7)
    = 4(7) + 5
    = 33

  157. naediah_pocoyo Says:

    sy nk tny.kenape chapter 11 form 4 ta bole nak download ea.?

  158. tolong selesai kan masalah ini terima kasih

  159. if f(x) 4x+5,find the composite function f kuasa 2,hence,find f kuasa 2 (1/2)

  160. terima kasih banyak2 nota nie banyak membantu saya

  161. Cikgu Roslina:
    Wa’alaikumussalam. alhamdulillah…terima kasih banyak2 cikgu atas respon yg diberikan. Mmg dialu2kan utk kongsikan link ni atau even modul ni dgn org lain tanpa perlu minta izin. hehe..

    Cikgu Addrena:
    Yeah..silakan cikgu. mmg boleh ambil je. smoga modul ni mmbantu cikgu utk mengajar tuisyen tu =)

  162. sayer amek note kat sini erk…nk ajar budak2 tution :)…terima kasih…

  163. Roslina ahmad Says:

    Assalamualaikum , Syabas kerana mewujudkan blog seperti ini , pada usia yang masih muda. Anda telah telah membuat sesuatu yang sangat berfaedah. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki. Izinkan cikgu add link pada blog cik gu juga ye.

  164. saya akn cuba bljr dari sini

  165. Ambil je. nak bagi dkt2 kawan x pun jual pun x pe. hehe..

  166. Saya amik latihan yang ada kat sini ehh? Terima Kasih! :)

  167. kpd saudara shukur,
    ni blog bkn semata2 psl addmath je ye. hehe..
    ia merangkumi byk aspek kehidupan.
    yg ada psl addmath ni sbb saya ni ‘pelajar fanatik’ maths. haha..
    alhamdulillah, moga ia dapat tolong anta dlm lebih kuasai addmath.
    ‘afwan ya akhi =)

  168. bgus btol blog ni…pasal add math plak 2…
    dpt tolong sye dlm perbaiki kelemahan add math sye..

  169. w’salam…azizul.
    sama2. semoga modul ni dpt membantu utk lebih kuasai addmath. =)

  170. salam.. terima kasih untuk module ni..
    really help me doing add maths exercise

  171. terima kasih saudara roslan. semoga ia dapat dimanfaatkan ye. =)

  172. tq ahmad kamil…ilmu yg brguna utk disebar bersama..teruskan usaha capai cita2 murni..minat math sgt2 ? teruskan

  173. wanamiera Says:

    oh..still confuse dlm add math la..

    tgh prepare nak masuk form 4 tahun dpn!
    pening sgt!!!

  174. terima kasih encik kamil membantu saya….
    semoga encik kamil akan mendapat ganjaran pahala.

  175. Nur Khaleeda Says:

    thankyou so much, mr kamil. its very kind of u. helps a lot:)

  176. thats good for all…..tanq youu mr kamil..

  177. Thx kk…….give math example

  178. Najwa Anati Says:

    thnx vry mch 4 ths modul…it help me a lot in add maths…hope u cn shre mre thngs wth us…syukran jazilan…

  179. hm.. actely sy msh tak phm sgt addmath nih . dah nak finalexam doy tktnyer…

  180. fuh2.. jumpe masa googling. just the right thing at the right time.. sangkut bab function sbb lupa silibus lama…trimas a lot V(^^,)

  181. kenapa tiada jawapan? boleh tolong upload jawapan hardcopy tu tak? apa2 pun, terima kasih.

  182. Assalamu’alaikum.
    bleh tlg upload soalan percubaan pmr pendidikan islam 2010?jazaakAllah. wassalam

  183. arina mastura Says:

    syukran sbb anta tlg ana cri bhan yg berguna

  184. assamualaikum, terima kasih atas usaha saudara membuat modul yang bagus ini moga Allah membalas usaha baik saudara insyallah.

  185. jahirah Says:

    thank you untuk segalanya hanya allah je akan balas budi saudara

  186. lagi sekali sori. x de.
    dlm versi soft copy x de.
    dlm versi hard copy ada la.

  187. sekali lagi harap maaf! jawapan dlm bentuk soft copy x ada.

  188. luve pink Says:

    ada x jwpn add math form4??

  189. Harap maaf la! Jwapan x disediakan dlm bentuk softcopy utk dimuat turun sama.

  190. ade tak jawapan untuk semua exercise??

  191. Welcome my buddy. thanks.

  192. jaitheking Says:

    Thanks a lot for the notes,and god bless you

  193. Syukran ya ukhti…

  194. Barakallahu fik

  195. Sama-sama…insya ALLAH mudah-mudahan.hehe..

  196. Terima kasih, semoga Allah akan membalas jasa anda

  197. Wa’alaikumussalam..
    sori la saya x buat modul form 5 memandangkan PPSMI akan dimansuhkan tak lama lagi.
    rasa x berbaloi buat la.

  198. Ummi Azian Says:

    Assalamualaikum wm wb.

    Syukran atas modul add math Form 4. Ummi menuggu madul Form 5 pulak.


  199. jannah eunkyung Says:

    itz 0whKay..
    nyway..syukran jazilan yup? :)

  200. Hmm.. In the next 3 years this subject will be thought in Malay so this module is helpless soon.

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