The Special Friend Of Mine….

Everybody has special friends. They are someone important to us in our lives besides our family. Here I would like to tell about my friend that is special to me. Who is he? I will tell his name towards the end of this essay.


I started to know him when we were in form one in SMK Agama Arau. At the beginning, we were not too close. In spite of this, I liked to look at his character and personality. He is good-looking. When he smiles or laughs, he looks like a Nasyid singer.

He is also well-dressed. His uniform is clean and neat. He never fails to remember to wear his necktie and nametag. That makes him look more handsome and charming. There are lots of girls like him but he is not vain.Moreover, he is well-mannered. He studies smart. I notice he pays full attention to what the teacher is saying. If he does not understand a particular lesson, he will ask the teacher immediately. He also never neglects his homework. He does not study or play all the time. He knows how to manage his time. I think that is the secret of his success.

I look at him as my role model. I admire him because he himself practises what he preaches. In other words, he gains my trust and respect. When we were in form two, he was appointed to be a prefect. I had no interest to be a prefect but he had indirectly inspired me to accept the offer to be one after we sat for PMR exam.  I agreed to the offer since I felt like to teach myself to be as good as he is.

In form four, he got an offer to further his studies at Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College or well-known as KISAS. I supported his decision to go there despite the fact that my heart was reluctant to let him go. This was for the reason that I would lose my role model and special friend.

Although we are now apart with each other, I always get in touch with him by messaging or calling him.  Even though we are being separately, I constantly ask for his advice for problems I had to cope with. There is a lot of advice he gave to me as he wants to lend a hand to me. He is just like my personal counsellor.


I consider myself very fortunate as I have the opportunity to recognize an individual who is well-liked by both teachers and students in SMK Agama Arau. He has directly or indirectly influenced me to be a enhanced person. Whether he realizes it or not, I have learnt a lot from him.

If one day, I become successful in my life, I will definitely remember to express gratitude to this special friend of mine: Aiman Bin Aminudin, who is now staying in Putrajaya. May Allah bless him.


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