That’s a journey called life…

Yeah! Everyone knows the above words frequently preached by people…but do we ever think the true meaning of it?  Ask urself right now…if u do, that’s good, u must be a person with good attitudes…otherwise, u must be facing a lot problems in ur lives, right?

It lead u to be depress. I know..I know..I have a lot experience in my own journey since I was born 18 years ago….My experience and u urself must be totally different…am I right? Yes! huhuhu…

Praise be to ALLAH..I can still continue this journey right now with His guide…I admit I had ever face my own both  interpersonal and intrapersonal crises in the many times…I emphasize that I had!!! It was whether u know or not.. So whatever I say to people nowadays, it is based on my own experience besides others’..I do not talking merely based on my brain ok….the past made me like this….

Praise be to ALLAH again..I feel fortunate as I feel calm facing a lot of problems and crises  right now….so many actually…that’s why I can still be cool having these…why? Once again, I emphasize that it is from ALLAH…We need to realize that ALLAH is always there for us..Each particular matter is within His control. So we should keep praying to Him for strength in order to continue our lives in this world.

Hopefully those who read this entry may pray for us as Muslims so that we will be always guided by Him in order to continue our lives that we will surely die anytime..anywhere…I keep reminding myself that if we are saddened and disappointed by matter happened in our lives, we should always remind ourselves that they will surely end once we die as we will be in the Hereafter forever………


2 Responses to “That’s a journey called life…”

  1. we must always remember that this world is just for a while..thing that is very near to us is DEADTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes…death and Hereafter are two common pair that we have to keep reminding ourselves…so that we will always show good attitudes throughout our lives in this world…

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