Yeahh…it’s time for homecoming!

Huhh…there are lots of matters to be done…It can make me crazy..huhu..praise be to ALLAH.. However, I can go through these with an open mind as I always remind myself about the final destination in the Hereafter that is dreamt by everyone that is Paradise besides avoiding from the Hell..

If we keep reminding ourselves about it, we will surely be calm all the time..don’t believe it? Do try it!! Then  you will feel like me….

I will have rest with the homecoming to kuala kangsar today…just going back for a night…haha..however, it is still enough for me to get off from the daily routine in Perlis for a while..

That’s all what I want to it long? I think it is too long already…haha..the longer my writing, the more the mistakes I made in grammar..huhu…k..have a nice day..may ALLAH bless us always…..amen…

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