The First Day in CFS of IIUM…

Hohoho…as I had promised before, I will surely tell all of you about events occurred on the first day I was in Center for Foundation Studies of International Islamic University Malaysia.

As there are memorable events occurred on the first day when I was in SMK Agama Arau, hahhh…there are memorable events on the first day I am in IIUM that I will keep remembering it throughout my life in this world . What are them? time to tell all events. Just wanna to tell the most outstanding one. What?!

During registration process, I was told that I was placed in Mahallah Umar Al Khatab  II. It was written on the key. Ohhh…it’s ok.  Then,  I asked two committee members of students’ council where was it. They said, ” It is now known as Mahallah Aisyah. ” Ohh…I see. I brought my belongings there and set up the room. The room was not locked.  There was a student named, Nidzwan, was placed with me.

Then, it was the time  for Jumaat prayer. We locked the room. After performing it, we went back to the room. Hahhhh…it could not be opened! What’s wrong?! We then went to mahallah office and asked them about it. “This is the key of Mahallah Fatimah Az Zahra’s room, not Mahallah Aisyah. You have been entering the wrong mahallah!”.

What?! Wrong mahallah?! So, what to do? We both had to pack our belongings and move them to mahallah Fatimah! The two mahallah are quite far! We took three trips to finish moving of our belongings. They ended just a couple of minutes before Azaan of Maghrib. Hahhh….so tired that day! There was one of committee members seek or apology for the inconvenience occurred.  That’s all. Need to go! Bye! =)


2 Responses to “The First Day in CFS of IIUM…”

  1. Salam ya akhi… just got your blog from your page (after viewing your fb through Dalila…) you are my junior at CFS… hehehe, anyway, good luck…
    your are taking 1 year or 1.5 years program? anyway, see you in Kuantan later…

  2. oohhh…really? I am waiting for the results of EPT & APT. will be announced this coming wednesday. so not sure yet. 1 year or 1 and half or 2 years. hehe…ok! see u in Kuantan, insyaALLAH.

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