Going Back To My Hometown!!!

Hahhh…finally! I am now going back to Perlis Darus Sunnah – my beloved hometown. Just for a couple of days. I reached here yesterday morning at 5 am. God willing, I will ride a bus at 9.30 pm to go back to Klang Valley. What?! So early!

Well..lectures will begin this Monday thus I cannot be here too long. Just wanna to get rid of my feelings for being miss to special environment here. Hahaha…Special environment? Those who comes from Perlis know what it means….

God willing, I will be back to Perlis in September – during revision Period + Aidilfitri’s holiday. 3 months to go…. There will be no holiday with long period within these 3 months. Well…IIUM is quite different from other universities in Malaysia. Huhuhu….

Ok la..I have no intention to write too long. U must be bored reading a long post….me too. Haha… Take good care of urself! Do pray for my well-being…Hopefully we always in His Blessings. Amen =)


6 Responses to “Going Back To My Hometown!!!”

  1. 3 months to go, so be patient…hehe..

  2. ur sister Says:

    kutiplah segala mutiara-mutiara indah yg ada di sana.jangan di kejar ilmu dunia sahaja..seimbangkanlah dengan ilmu akhirat, di sinilah tempatnya untuk kau memperteguhkan dirimu sebelum melangkah ke dunia sebenar…….

  3. Ok! InsyaALLAH..Thanks a zillion for the meaningful advice, my beloved sister!!

  4. perlis darul sunnah????? dah tukar dah ka??? bukan perlis indera kayangan….

  5. Yup. sudah tukar ke Perlis Darus Sunnah.
    cuma masih ramai tetap guna Indera Kayangan.

  6. oh…. O_0
    apa2 pun… blajar la elok2… jgn lupa asal usul plak bila dah berjaya… ^^

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