[Announcement] I’m Sorry :(

I have been sharing compilation of past years trial exams question for PMR & SPM in my blog since 2007. However, beginning this year, I am no longer able to do so because of some reasons.

Firstly, I am still trying to ‘adapt’ with new lifestyle in Kuantan IIUM Campus. More challenging. Hence, this blog has not been updated for long time, do you realize it? Hehe..

Secondly, nowadays, there are lots of websites do the same thing. I think it is no problem if I stop doing so. Am I right?

Last but not least, I’m so sorry but I can’t entertain lots of demands from all of you such as the answers for the questions shared, something like this: “can you send me 2005 exams question from Penang? etc.

In a nutshell, I hope that Allah keep blessing us. Do pray for me ya! Wassalam.


One Response to “[Announcement] I’m Sorry :(”

  1. Please don’t stop… I am ur most i mean number 1 fan…

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