Surat terbuka untuk seluruh umat Islam!

*Surat ini adalah sisi pandang daripada sahabat saya, Non-Muslim dan sedang giat mengkaji tentang Islam. — Zulkarnain Naim, IIUM Gombak student

Assalamulaikum, May Allah bless you forever my friend,

Really sorry im disturbing you at the late nite. This time i just wanna share with you about my opinion and need your response.

1-Thanks for your books. Its quite helped me in understanding about Islam especially regarding to Fundamental matters and contemporary issues such like what happened in Syria, Myanmar and Palestine , about ‘Arab Spring’ and also the issues in Malaysia. Thanks again.

2- Still I felt very sad and disappointed regarding to Islamic dakwah movement in Malaysia. Majority of Malaysian are Muslim and even our constitution is clearly stated that Islam is our official religion.

But till now, I always wonder that why you all didnt take serious action and opportunity to introduce Islam to non-muslim?. Like muslim scholars said ‘ Islam is not the exclusive religion’. Dont tell me that is not more than talk without an action. Isnt to convey islam to non-muslim is your responsibilities?.

In fact, Christian Missionary keep moving drastically, in systematically organized and full support in financial matters.

3-Perhaps you all as Muslim students must be felt convenience when you are studying in IIUM, Islamic university. However, its doest mean that you have do nothing with non-muslim outside there. They need a guidance and truth.

You all must feel a shame, even majority of students in your university are muslim, but how many people of non-muslim you convert to muslim?? At least, you introduce them about islam.

Believe me, in reality, outside there its totally different environment and challenges. Realize your roles.

4- As one of the Malaysian in the country where Muslims are majority, I surfed lot of Muslim Forum and Islamic sites that discussing about Islamic Fundamental matter and also contemporary issues. I also understood a bit about what does it mean by ‘Islamic Country’ through ‘Negara Berkebajikan’ that bring by Pas.

However, I was disappointed that why Muslim like to quarrel each other and like to accuse someone else with ‘certain label’ such kafir, astray and recently as khawarij? .

That can create chaos situation and misunderstanding about islam. How non-muslim like me will be attracted by Islam, when most of Muslim act like that??. You can see at Facebook. Its totally different from the Quran says and what your prophet said.

5-I strongly support the Pas Agenda with my full soul and effort. Therefore, my hope and dream, when Pas win, It must be more Islamic program to non-Muslim, means that explain more to us about your religion.

Dont eager to win Putrajaya but the real agenda is not be implemented as primary agenda.

May Allah guide us,

Your Friend, Truth Seeker
Kevin Tan
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