The Village: Achiara’s Secret

It has been a while since my previous blog post.  Nah, I believe this is the first time I write this kind of posts. I would like to recommend this for those who like to watch Korean dramas. I am indeed not one of them, but I have watched it. It seems rare compared to other dramas.

I have posted this on my Facebook’s wall. It is something about precious lesson that we could reflect on ourselves:

When the mind is not strong enough to recover from a trauma after being victim of crime(s)/incident(s), it could just go very wrong to the extent of “insanity”. Such “insanity” sometimes only surfaces when severely provoked and the affected could appear normal on a daily basis.

All in all, before one decides to go ahead with a mistake, he/she has to think again. A mistake may not just affect one person, it could affect more people in community and typically people’s lives are intertwined if closely related.

If one never recovers from being the receiving end of a mistake, likely that person will go on to make mistakes and the mistakes cycle starts again. In other words, the suffering and the pain are never ending, besides more and more people are affected. There will be more variety of reactions, resulting a complicated situation to be judged.

It is like telling lies. One lie will lead to another to cover the previous lie, and so on and so forth, so it will be never ending and snowball into something unmanageable.

I would like to say a few words more in addition to the above.

People usually complaint about injustice in dramas since villains and culprits are free from trials and justice. When watching this drama, it comes across my mind that it is indeed the reality in our lives. Isn’t it?

The writer is like to tell us to wake up and realize not to expect perfection of stories, just like the truth of this worldly life. We have to admit that besides stories we know about something, there are actually more out of our knowledge.

In a nutshell, let me share a quote so that we can think of more: “If you would you like to feel about being god, then write novels/stories

Thanks a zillion for reading. I welcome your thoughts as well.


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