“Why so serious, brother?”

Kau apa hal ni, Kamal? Ok ke?“, tanya Fikri.
Okay je. Kenapa kau tanya gitu?“, tanya Kamal pula.
“Bukan apa. Tengok kau nampak lain macam je“, kata Fikri.
Fuh, mantap la kau ni fik. Memang kawan baik aku betul. Huhu“, balas Kamal.

Kamal pun menceritakan tentang perkara yang berlaku, sehingga membuatkan riak wajahnya sedikit sebanyak berubah, dari yang selalu ceria dan senyum, kepada sedikit muram.

Sorry, I cannot accept your excuse for being absent twice to our study circle sessions“, tanya Kamal.
Sorry brother for interfering. I think you are so serious la brother. This subject is only 0.5 credit hours. Why you treat it like 3 credit hours’ subjects? Even our lecturers who are professors do not issue warning letter, why are you so determined to do so?“, kata kawan kepada anak buah study circle Kamal, bernama Imran.
I know you are busy with assignments, quizzes, exams and so on. However, it is our responsibilities to manage our time wisely. Please, it is not mere you who are busy. You have been absent twice without valid reasons, hence I have to follow office’s rule to issue warning letter“, balas Kamal.

Brother, what kulliyyah are you from?“, tanya Imran.
IRKHS, majoring in sociology“, jawab Kamal.
Ahhhhh..“, balas Imran dan Halim.
Why are you saying so? Do you think we are not busy? I have exams this week, also assignments to be submitted, yet I have no intention to postpone the session even though I have authority to do so“, Kamal balas kembali.
Brother, this is your first time to become teacher, right? I mean facilitator for study circle. Don’t be like this, brother. Otherwise, you will be labelled as serious and strict by international students, then later they won’t take sections that you are assigned to“, kata Imran.
“I will always be myself. It is no problem if people do not like me because of my strictness, as long as I have Allah’s pleasure. And, I am open to criticisms and feedback. I may be wrong. However, I cannot tolerate with absentees in purpose“, kata Kamal.

Why brother? Come on.. It is only o.5 credit hour bro. Last semester I took study circle with a Malay guy. He is so nice. Even though I did not come three times, he gave me chance to sign the attendance. Help each other, bro.“, bidas Imran.
Oh. That’s another issue. Integrity. I won’t do that. What do you think, Halim?“, balas Kamal.
Hmm.. No comment, brother“, jawab Halim dengan ringkas.

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