Tarbiah as a trust from Allah

As teachers, we have big responsibilities for each student that we teach in schools.

But.. is it only applicable to those who are teachers?


It is actually(?) same goes to each person who is willingly joining our usrah/halaqah as our mutarobbi.

Even tough it is the one in the name of study circle, we as murobbi/naqib/facilitator, should realize that it is an amaanah from Allah to educate and facilitate students in our section(s) to become better persons, in view of realizing our purpose of life to become ‘abid and khalifah.

Memorable photo during Street Dakwah & Tarbiah @ 24 April 2016 combining 2 sections form study circle 1 & 2

It is tough.

I feel it!
I admit it!

Have we forgotten that we have Allah who are have power on everything?

Hence, it is to Allah the one and only, the ultimate source of wills that we pray for.

There is neither might nor power except with Allah.

May Allah always forgive and help us, amen.

Raja Ahmad Kamil Bin Raja Sulaiman
Kangar, Perlis
30th April 2016 @ 1.07 am


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