Street dakwah & tarbiah 2016


23 IIUM students from section 12 Study circle 1 & section 22 Study circle 2, have successfully conducted Street Dakwah & Tarbiah, under supervision of Centre for Credited leadership and Virtue(CLAV) IIUM, at KLCC and Bukit Bintang.

Its objectives are as follow:
1. To expose students about their social roles in terms da‘wah and tarbiyah, by observing social problems in our society
2. To approach non-Muslims by doing da‘wah bil-ḥāl.
3. To train students on team work and its importance, besides one-to-one da‘wah experience
4. To enhance student’s interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills

Its outcomes:
1. Enhance brotherhood spirits among students
2. Reflect the identity of being IIUM students as ‘abid and khalifah and play social roles
3. Adapt with the diversity of society in Malaysia

Attached below is my Facebook’s photo album, for you to imagine yourself joining this programme:


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