Top 10 Most Popular Posts of My Blog…

I’ve been looking back over my traffic stats to see what’s interesting to you, my blog reader.  You also seems to really like lists, so here’s another — a rundown of the top 10 posts published on my blog since its existence in July 2008 until this month (updated monthly):

  1. Centre For Foundation Studies, IIUM…
  2. Berbakti kepada Ibu Bapa
  3. Kepalsuan hadith – Bercakap soal dunia dalam masjid
  4. Penyebaran hadith palsu dan kesannya dalam kehidupan Muslim
  5. Result UPU – Pendedahan Eksklusif
  6. Cerpen “Sebenarnya Saya Suami Dia” – Akhir
  7. Antara suka, cinta dan couple
  8. Filem PK: Kritik agama asas reformasi?
  9. Add Math: Antara Susah & Sikap Kita
  10. Soal Jawab: Bagaimana Pupuk Sifat Sabar?

Thanks a zillion for those who keep visiting my blog. Hopefully, this blog will always benefits to all of you. I welcome feedback from the visitors in order to help me improve this blog.


3 Responses to “Top 10 Most Popular Posts of My Blog…”

  1. Very easy to find these facts but Very hard to share these facts.

    Thank you.

  2. assalamualaikum saya nak tanya sikit pasal asasi kejuruteraan dan sains komputer if i had chosen that will i learn both of them or i can still choose either kejuruteraan or sains komputer

  3. Anis Muhaimin, kena pilih salah satu nanti. By default, asasi kejuruteraan.

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